Home & School Association Bylaws

Created: October 25, 2016

Amended: October 7, 2019

  1. This association agrees to organize and accept the Constitution and Bylaws of the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations.

  2. The name of this association shall be "Victoria Home and School," in the Thames Valley Home and School Council.

  3. The elected Officers shall be President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  4. A representative shall be elected by the executive committee annually to the Home and School Council of which this association is a member. The president of the association or appointed designate, together with Home and School Representative, shall be the voting representative to the Home and School Council.

  5. The schedule for executive committee meetings shall be determined each year by the members of the executive.

  6. The quorum of the executive committee meetings shall be 51% of the executive committee.

  7. At its first meeting following the election of officers and committee chairs, the executive committee shall elect/appoint a member to be the Home and School representative to the School Council. This representative shall upon election/appointment automatically become a member of the association executive committee.

  8. The number of general meetings to be held during the school year shall be determined by the executive committee in accordance with the needs and interest of the members. The Annual meeting of the association shall be held prior to the end of June.

  9. The Quorum of the general meetings and the association general meeting shall consist of members in good standing equal to the number of the association executive committee, plus 2.

  10. A bank account will be established for the association and records maintained by the Treasurer. All cheques shall require two signatures. Signing officers shall be President, Vice President, and Treasurer, any combination of the two.

  11. A budget will be proposed by the executive, presented to and ratified by the association members, empowering the executive to conduct the business of the association.

  12. The executive committee shall be empowered to spend up to $100 at any one meeting outside the pre-approved budget. items above this amount must be approved by the vote of the general membership. Any committee member may spend up to $50 outside a pre-approved budget.

  13. This association shall pay to OFHSA such annual membership fees as set by the OFHSA Board of Directors and ratified by the Federation at the Federation's Annual Meeting.

  14. The association membership fee shall be $20.00 per individual or family membership, and the association will cover all costs.

  15. The Treasurer shall submit books, invoices, receipts, and statements for verification annually.

  16. The association shall submit the following items to its home and school council each year: an executive list, a verified financial statement for the previous year, an approved operating budget for the current year, and a schedule of projected meeting dates.